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things the narrative has shown derek hale to be:

  • emotionally manipulated
  • raped
  • betrayed by someone he trusted
  • orphaned
  • hunted
  • nearly killed
  • homeless
  • mistakenly arrested for murdering his sister
  • attacked in his home
  • tortured
  • nearly killed again

Filed under literally a list of why i hate teen wolf derek literally has the shittiest life ever and they're still somehow blaming him for it??? idek so done with this show so glad i've finally stopped watching i just got so fed up ugh derek hale teen wolf

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~One month later and they’re finally done

I’ve been reading Ava’s Demon for over a year now and I am in love with how everything is playing out. I felt it was about time I actually made some fanart for what quickly became my favorite comic. <3

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